19 March 2006

Chicklets for RSS

It's interesting that the small icons for RSS feeds are called chicklets - it sounds as if we are talking about small chickens. I thought that they were named after the US sweet which is small and rectangular which would make the spelling chiclets.

On checking, I find that bubblegum comes in both spellings, so I was both right and wrong.

The reason for the post is that some blogs have an array of chicklets which allow you to subscribe to the content using your favourite reader. That can be confusing, particularly if your favourite reader isn't included in the list. Here's a site which says why standardisation would be helpful.

By the way, although I give 2 links to a feed for this site, they are both XML/RSS feeds through Feedburner. If you have any difficulty in using the feed then please let me know. The icon used is the recommended international standard for feeds.

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