05 March 2006

Working with AdWords

One of our clients has spent thousands in promoting their site using AdWords. They have got an interesting product that is almost ideal for e.commerce and which has made some sales, but they:
  • found that writing an effective ad containing no more than 95 characters over 3 lines was challenging
  • developed plenty of traffic to their site but couldn't convert very many of them into buyers
Red Splash believe that the reason that many clients have problems with selling from a website is that they don't take enough notice of the psychology of the people visiting it. If the site doesn't look as though it will sell, it probably won't. We are producing a site which will operate in parallel to theirs and we will be doing live testing - which site and copy is better at converting visitors into buyers. We have a strong vested interest in getting this right - we are putting up the cash for the site!


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