19 March 2006

A simple plan

A novelty. Someone has sent me a plan which looks as if it has legs. The proposition is sound - I'm sure that plenty of companies need this product / service. The channel selection sounds sensible at the price point which is outlined in the plan.

The product is almost a pure e.commerce play. That requires them to develop a site which is effective at turning visitors into buyers. Most sites don't do this very well, unless the visitors plan to be buyers prior to keying the site's URL into the address bar. One of the reasons for that of course is that most people in the world are broadly happy with what they have now. Randomly, the chances of a website visitor actually wanting to buy at the time of their visit to your site are substantially lower than you might want. For most sites, that's where it ends. Most websites that have an e.commerce element simply don't sell very effectively. Search engine optimisation seeks to pile more visitors into the site irrespective of the efficiency with which visitors are turned into buyers. The visitors don't buy and sales are lost. Traffic should be pre-qualified better and e.commerce sales processes should be managed more tightly.

Effective e.commerce needs a back-end sales process to keep the visitors in touch with your product or service long after your site is forgotten. This plan doesn't talk about the sales process and how it is managed, but it is actually pivotal to its success. What interests me about the plan is the strength of the value proposition. I'm convinced that people really do need this product, so I think it's worth talking to the business to see if Red Splash can contribute to the design of the channel model and the 2 key sales processes. Together we might be able to create something very special.


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