15 November 2006

Exploring a client problem

We use workshops when we are getting to know a client. Exploratory workshops give us an opportunity to contribute a range of experiences in a reasonably controlled environment while we are still learning about the client's problem.

Workshops aren't infallible. I used to work for someone who hated their lack of predictability. He wouldn't take part in a workshop unless he could drive the outputs towards the conclusions that he had already developed. I'm less worried by that. Our workshops are more about allowing the client to explore an issue or series of issues and may not even come to a clear decision within the workshop format. We come along with a series of tools which provide an analytical context, but we certainly don't have a pre-conceived idea about 'the right answer'.

Apart from anything else, it exposes the client to the way that we work as a team and the way we think, which is more important than seeing us deliver a canned presentation about what we do.

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