10 November 2006

Life of a post

Some posts are ephemeral. I write, subscribers and random visitors read and then move on. An exception to this is when a new subscriber finds me for the first time and decides to read more of the blog and go back in time, post by post. It isn't unusual for someone to read 30-40 posts in their first few days.

Weirdly, some posts have a life which seems to fit outside both these situations. I wrote a post at the beginning of July. It is by far the most popular post that I have written and it is read every day. I don't know how people find it. I didn't tag it in a novel or extraordinary way, but something in the text obviously brings it to people's attention in a search for something else. It is now so old that it wouldn't be found in the 30-40 posts read by a new subscriber. Even now, after 8 months, I still post an average of once per day. This post is well back - 130 posts or so.

Even more interesting, I can't detect what brings people to it. I use a stats package which shows referring searches, but I'm not detecting people reading the post as visitors. The information that the post is being read comes from FeedBurner, and I'm inclined to believe that it's true since the post has a decent page rank all of its own.

Some things are destined to remain mysteries.




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