06 November 2006

Feed Readers and User Agents

The list just keeps growing. Now it is up to 40 lines excluding category headers. Not just programs I haven't heard of, but a reader that Feedburner hasn't heard of either since there is a 'not identified' in the list.

What I don't know is whether all this variety is driven by new people coming in as subscribers with different readers or whether my existing subscribers have become disenchanted with what they were already using and have decided to experiment with another program. Based on the stats that I'm able to drive out of the site stats package I'll never know.

What drives this variety? In so many other areas of computing life, there are a few stand-out programs that people use all over the world. Sometimes, particular communities exhibit preferences which are slightly different from the norm (38% of the visitors to this blog use Firefox which is well above what you might expect). In readers though, there doesn't seem to be a predictable pattern. Perhaps it's because we haven't really worked out how we want to make best use of RSS and the experimentation with different readers reflects that.


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