31 October 2006

Looking back at the User Group

The User Group meeting went well and the next stage is for the Users to decide how they want to organise themselves going forward. We don't see our role in providing much more than input when requested, but obviously we will do more in the next few months until our client is confident that the way ahead is understood.

I'm not sure we even see ourselves as part of the User Group unless we are called on to provide a paper or some form of facilitation. With luck, the Users will take to all their responsibilities with enthusiasm and we won't have to offer much in the way of support.

What worked well was the buzz. People liked meeting one another and sharing experiences about what had worked well and what had worked less well. Buzz perfectly describes the sound they made at every opportunity. That buzz was supplemented by presentations delivered by some of the larger users that gave their succinct views of how they had used the toolset in their organisations.

All in all, a very useful meeting.

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