24 October 2006

Making progress against an account plan (repost)

Today I’m at an internal trade show put on by a major aerospace company. Phil and I are are there for 2 days and our objective is to meet people from a high proportion of the subsidiaries attending so that we can make some progress against our account plan. Plans never survive their first brush with the enemy, but account management is an area where it is important to set some objectives. Without those plans then it is impossible to claim that you are managing the account properly and achieving the appropriate level of reach and penetration.

Let’s be honest, working with Major Aerospace Ltd can be daunting – it’s a big organisation and it would be naïve in the extreme to try and treat it as a single entity. That’s the reason for trying to meet engineers from as many of the subsidiaries as possible. We are currently working with 2 subsidiaries and we want to use their enthusiasm to help convert any interest which may exist elsewhere in the organisation.

This is a trade show, and the key to a trade show is creating a little bit of interest to encourage browsers to come within range. Trainer tip: don't give away an iPod at this show - too many people have thought of the idea. We decided to do something a little different. We knew that most of the attendees would have a strong technical focus so the prize on our stand is a radio controlled model plane. Good news, after half a day, the early view is that it is so different that getting people on our stand doesn't look like being a problem.

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