16 October 2006

Organic search, it's a moving target

One of the fascinating things about organic search is how dynamic the results are. Having posted just before the week-end where the champagne site was in relation to the major keywords I decided to rerun the analysis this morning.

Here are the results with the previous figures in round brackets.:

3 word search term
Yahoo 6 (3) [Google top 100 overlap 20 (22)]
MSN 6 (7)
Google - 213 (na)

2 word search term
Yahoo - 22 (7) [Google top 100 overlap 10 (10)]
MSN - 10 (13)
Google - not indexed

2 word search term
Yahoo - 1 (1) [Google top 100 overlap 21 (23)]
MSN - 1 (1)
Google - 1 (1)

So, up a little on MSN, down a little on Yahoo and now that I've got the program to work, a baseline figure for Google that I can use for comparison. Interesting that the divergence between Yahoo and Google continues to increase so that a list of the top 100 for Yahoo and Google for the 3 word search term would produce a list of 180 sites with only 20 sites common to both lists. I'll keep you posted, but not at this frequency.




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