11 October 2006

Website advertising

One of our target clients has a website and an AdWords programme. As he isn't a client yet, we don't have all the details of what he does but we have been doing some quick research about his marketplace.

His advertising is meant to appear in front of the eyeballs of people looking for a sophisticated medical service which isn't covered by health insurance. I imagine that there are two major types of searches: one driven by urgency ("I need it now and the question is who can do it") and one which is part of longer-term planning exercise. I started to look at the number of searches which were carried out and the number is BIG. Clearly, as the search terms move away from consumer language to the lexicon of the clinician the numbers fall sharply, but I was staggered at how many people in the UK are searching for this kind of intervention.

That provides our target client with a significant opportunity. He is already happy with the return he gets from his AdWords spend, but I'm confident that he can do better. If he can target his business, by becoming preferentially attractive to eyeballs who offer him a higher lifetime value then he will have made better use of his campaign. That will require him to use different ads, since as far as I can see from the examples I have seen so far, his ads fail to do significant qualifying based on one of his buyers' key buying points (see Andy Bounds). We will use our thoughts to develop a short presentation of how he might organise his business differently. It will be interesting to see what develops.


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