28 September 2006

Today's opportunity and thoughts about channels

Yesterday I talked about 2 new opportunities and how different they were. Today there is another - this time a 3 year old, high-end clinic in London specialising in a well-defined niche. What is worth reflecting that each of the 3 came to us in a different way:
  • the well-established business looking to grow its sales is a referral from another business' sales campaign because they didn't feel confident to bid for the work
  • the media company came to us through Yellow Pages since Chris still keeps a listing in there for an adverting business
  • the clinic came through our website and are the most enthusiastic of the 3. They have already started thinking about the questions on the site. The website has, in this instance, been valuable in bridging the trust gap
So, if anyone tells you that a particular channel doesn't work, or that one is guaranteed to work for you, they're almost certainly wrong. These leads have come to us with a very different understanding of how we can help them, and this is partly due to the channel they came through. That apart, they are all serious people, looking for help.


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