27 September 2006

New opportunities

This week we came across two new opportunities:
  • one is a good-sized, well-established, UK business, which amongst other things wants to increase its sales revenues
  • one is media business which is relatively new but which has had some success in building businesses in France and francophone Africa and is now looking to launch a similar business in the UK
Obviously these are very different types of client with entirely different served markets, products, services and level of resources to bring to bear on the problem. It is almost inevitable that the larger business will require a more consultative approach, working with its specialist staff to deliver the outcomes they are looking for while the smaller business will almost inevitably require more direct support in order to deliver sales.

The point of the post is simply that all clients are not the same. If they were, then all the answers would be the same, too. While I'm confident that we have broad enough core skills to help both these businesses, it would be naive in the extreme for us to put together a standard Red Splash Business Development product and say, "take it or leave it"!


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