26 September 2006

Another organic engine

Now that champagne has hit the top of MSN for a pretty good search string which gives us a 10% click through rate on AdWords, the site is now number 5 for another search string in Yahoo! for a search which is twice as popular and which delivers a 7.85% click through rate.

Why is that important if we are already getting such a good response on AdWords? Well, it's all down to the way people read material on a screen. The experimental evidence is that people tend to read a search page vertically, close to the left hand edge until they find something that interests them - they are relatively unlikely to go over and read the zone on the far right, where the AdWords sit, unless they can't find what they want on the left hand side of the page. That's why having a strong front page location is worth money in terms of eyeballs since each search that brings up your site in an organic list is likely to deliver more visitors than an AdWord placed on the same page.

Once again, a hat tip to Brad Callen.


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