19 September 2006

Getting Marketing to work more closely with Sales

How can marketing activities make a bigger impact? When there are so many potential marketing actions, how does the marketing team isolate those key elements which will deliver a ROI against the time or cash invested?

Let’s start by thinking about the activities that drive a wedge between the Marketing and Sales teams. Too often, Sales blame Marketing for producing the wrong kind of leads and Marketing people complain that Sales People couldn’t shoot fish in a barrel.

Let’s remember Andy Bounds
Andy Bounds says that successful presentations should talk about UBPs rather than USPs – focusing on the Unique Buying Points that are preferentially attractive to your target audience. That requires you to think hard about the benefit that your targets will get from your product or service. You need to be able to think about your offering as a potential customer and answer the question “what’s in it for me”? That may require a good deal of work on your part, going out and meeting people, finding out what they need, how their decision process works and what kind of support they need to help them understand how the offering will help to make them more successful.

If Marketing can help to drive its own activities on this basis, and help the sales team to make presentations which promise to be more successful by focusing on the target's needs then it will be creating real value for the business.


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