02 September 2006

Where else would an 's' be worth a 20% premium?

I have talked before about the sensitivity of AdWords and my latest split test shows just how volatile they can be. The two Ads are identical apart from an additional 's' in the third line of the Ad. That line reads:

Improves service and profitability

Changing the line to read:

Improve service and profitability

delivers a click-through-rate which is 20% higher the first Ad

Why would that be the case? Sorry, I can't tell you that, but I thought that there was a significant chance that it would deliver an improvement, which is why I tried it. My overall point is that it is vital to keep experimenting in the structure and content of the Ad. Here I was very happy to experiment with the 3rd line, the qualification of respondents takes place in the first 2 lines.

Would it always make the same difference? The answer is almost certainly no, and it is because the language builds on something in the previous line. It's unlikely that it would work in quite the same way in another Ad although similar principles might well apply.


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