17 August 2006

I've learned something at last

This week I put up a new AdWords campaign and the initial stats look pretty pleasing - click-throughs are running at about 9% which is better than I would have expected for a brand new campaign, so it will be interesting to see what we can achieve after we have been split testing for a while. It shows though that we have learned something from our other AdWord campaigns. Without that learning, I doubt that we would have achieved this level of clicks.

Like everything else we do, I'm trying to use the AdWord as part of the overall site sell, so the real test is final conversions and those figures will take a little longer to establish.


Anonymous quit smoking said...

You might find success in using an overture inventory tool to do keyword research, and then use all of the smaller volume search terms... create pages for them that point to the main page. The overall traffic from all of the smaller keywords are ripe for the picking and can bring as much traffic as the top keywords. An then you won't need to spend money on adwords. Because clickthrough without sales just costs you *lots* of money.

6:22 am  

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