10 August 2006

I don't know what I don't know

We have become seriously interested in Knowledge Management (KM). It's pure self-interest of course, one of our clients is involved in the area and we are acting at the front end of the business. I'm doing Sales, Phil is doing Business Development and Chris is going to mentor the Operations Director.

I was surprised by the breadth of the term Knowledge Management. People are like Tweedledum and Tweedledee, Knowledge Management means exactly what they want it to mean. For some, KM is all about content while for others, KM is less about content and more about the acquisition of 'tacit knowledge' and providing a framework for capturing that tacit knowledge during the day job. Our client falls solidly in the second category. Given the same data, experts and non-experts can come to very different conclusions or work in very different ways. Tacit knowledge is the context that an expert uses in interpreting the facts to come to a conclusion or to drive his/her behaviour.

So August, which is often a quiet time for businesses like ours, looks pretty busy and the autumn looks as though it will be very busy indeed. We will have to monitor our time inputs very carefully of course, because when you are as closely involved with an organisation as we will be here, it can be difficult to be completely dispassionate.


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