06 August 2006

Linkie Winkie returns

Golly, it's back. After over 3 weeks without any sighting, the crawler has been in my feed again. It's nice to see it back again. I also saw an interview by Gurtie which said that the experiment was developing in unexpected ways so perhaps they will be inclined to give us more detail when they eventually decide to bring it to a close.

Other crawlers that have followed a me-too strategy of mystery like Miffo don't seem to have generated the coverage and excitement of Linkie Winkie. Looking at the Alexa traffic graph though, it seems that the traffic is still running at lower levels than it achieved at the beginning of July.

I did take a quick look at the inbound links and it is genuinely impressive - remember that this is a site which was put together in the last week of June. Yahoo! shows 737 links, down from its peak towards the end of July but MSN shows 3455 links, pretty well double the level since I started tracking on 13 July.

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Blogger postmodern hitwoman said...

Every time I think I've figured out how the LW crawler algorithm works, my theory is blown out of the water. It's very strange, really. I've back up on LW AGAIN, then not, then again.

At any rate, I've found some really nice blogs through LW, yours being one of them.

10:31 pm  
Blogger John Diffenthal said...

Well, no-one really knows because we are just guessing and Chris and Gurtie aren't saying. Maybe they will tell all, later.

My suspicion is that Linkie Winkie is altruistic to sites that have relatively low traffic. There wouldn't be any point in adding traffic to Seth Godin, Steve Rubell or Beppe Grillo since they have enormous traffic already - they simply wouldn't see the LW blip.

12:19 am  

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