25 July 2006

Last minute planning

Phil has a contact who needs some Sales and Marketing support. The business is well established, but has just lost its sales specialist. Phil believes that our combination of front-end sales and marketing services will provide the fillip the business needs to convert some of its serious opportunities into cash. We discussed it yesterday at our Operations meeting and decided that we would make a proposal. Phil has met his contact again this morning to make sure he understands the situation in detail before we develop the proposal.

What's that got to do with last minute planning? I'm off to Italy for a few days so we are meeting briefly this afternoon to hash out our response and Chris and Phil will tidy it up before they go back to Phil's contact. These meetings are hugely valuable. Working together we develop better proposals because we critique our thinking. We establish the feasibility of the approach and the way that we want to present the ideas to the client. This is difficult for a micro business to achieve, but it's the kind of service that a mentor or a coach could provide to make sure that the Business Development activities are not only 'on strategy' but that they develop a compelling case.


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