19 July 2006

New clients

We have got some genuinely interesting problems to solve for clients at the moment and Phil and Chris are working on one of them this week. The client has an excellent high performance coating system for use in a hostile environment and wants to improve his level of reach. This is a product that sells for several hundred pounds for a pack. The good news about the price is that it can be sent anywhere in the world, rapidly - it is relatively dense so freight is not a significant factor in the footprint of competitiveness.

The decision to buy the product is not made lightly and if a customer does decide to buy and use it then they won't need to buy it again for many years. The lifetime value of a customer is almost inevitably worth much less than the lifetime value of referrals. This looks like an excellent opportunity to offer a lot of value and help grow the international sales base significantly.

We'll be using a variety of promotional channels although the mix hasn't been thought through in detail yet - one of the key elements will be AdWords because of the ability to test and tune it at short notice and its ability to sit alongside any other promotional channel.


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