14 July 2006

What are they looking for?

I've noted in the past that the majority of people who visit the Red Splash site enter after a Business Development search of some sort. What is stranger is that quite a few people come in to look at a photograph ...

About 18 months ago, when the site looked quite different, we realised that we wanted to give it a quick revamp and Phil pulled down some stock photos from a range of sources, but I think that one of them was morguefile which I have mentioned in the past. One of those photos was a pile of financial newspapers. In a more substantial revision last year, the picture of the newspapers disappeared from the site, but it has stayed on Google images and we still get people entering the site after finding it in an image search.

I don't suppose that it is really very remarkable - there are lots of tracks on the web and that type of search for an image is typical. Most of those visitors leave quickly as soon as they realise that they can't find the photo. Yesterday, one visitor was much more persistent - they stayed on the site for over 5 minutes, which counts as quite a long visit for someone who is not already a client or an Associate.


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