09 July 2006

Well, since I've already complained about audio ..

The new black is streaming video - a neat technology which should allow you to deliver pearls of wisdom straight into your customers' ears. There are several companies promoting this hard and it's inevitable that we're going to encounter quite a lot of examples over the next few years.

The problem for me remains audio quality. I resent having to listen to an audio track which sounds as if it was recorded in an oil drum. My immediate reaction is to close down the video and ignore the message. Why do people assume that a streaming video with poor audio will be a more powerful tool than poor audio? Even if the audio were crystal we are often at the mercy of the flat delivery of someone who hasn't heard of the word inflection or what it means in speech.

Incidentally, I'm not having a dig at the developers of the technology here - there is no technological barrier to sending out clean audio, but in the examples I have seen so far, the videocaster has been so overwhelmed by the technology that they have lacked the self awareness to criticise, edit and re-do what they had produced.

All these things need to improve for me before streaming video becomes a powerful tool in the sales process.


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