05 July 2006

Back to business

I've been proved wrong again. We got a call earlier in the week from someone who had seen our site after doing a search for Business Development. He called our office and left a message and Chris followed up with him today. The result is that he and Chris had a chat over the phone and he agreed for us to do a piece of work.

I'm slightly amazed. I can see how a website like ours - which is essentially a site selling a B2B service configured around sales and marketing - could help to make a sale. But I normally expect the sales process to be external to the website, to take longer and be more consultative. The site could act as an important piece of due diligence, but it wouldn't actually convert prospects into buyers.

It comes from an old piece of consultancy lore: "buyers don't buy from brochures, they buy from people". Getting the team in front of the prospect as quickly as possible was regarded as a key step in making the sale. I had always regarded the site as a brochure - perhaps I should start to re-think of it as a combined sales channel and brochure.

All these years, and I'm still learning.


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