03 July 2006

The murk clears a little

Linkie Winkie has been put together by a team of SEO types from searchguild and greyhatnews. It is supposed to be an experiment.

What's very impressive is the amount of traffic that they have managed to develop for the site in only a few days. The site appears to have been set up on 22 June and current traffic levels are around 43,000 per week - that's probably not accurate since these figures come from Alexa, so it is probably worth monitoring it for a few days to see how it progresses.

Now we know that traffic isn't the answer to everything - it needs to be qualified, eager traffic if a site is going to turn it into buyers - but 43,000 hits a week from a standing start is an excellent place to begin.

Oh, and I loved the strapline for the Tribble Ad Agency - "We look cute but boy do we consume resources" which I assume has been put together by the same team.


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