27 June 2006

How much ankle to show?

No, it isn't a fashion question.

We have just done an email campaign about a Red Splash workshop which we run on website effectiveness. We are pretty confident that the material is robust, but it is very different from most eCommerce workshops. The 'ology' that interests us is psychology rather than technology. We obviously have to be aware of technology, but we are actually more interested in whether the primary and secondary sales processes work effectively and whether the site is designed in the most effective way to capture visitor information.

Following the emailings, we have had a number of people come back to us to ask us for the slides we use at the workshop - well, that idea's a non-starter. The reality is, if someone has the slide pack, they don't really need us to be around to amuse, cajole and interject. We can abbreviate some of the content of the slides and talk about the objectives of different phases of the workshop, but I'm not sure that makes much sense either. We need to think about it. Maybe one or two slides from the middle of the pack would give some of the flavour without giving too much away. It's important that we respond to the requests in a positive way but it's IP and we don't want to reveal too much, too early.


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