23 June 2006

A complaint about auto-reply

I occasionally send out an email to a group of people in a network. One or two of them have auto-replies on their email servers which tell me that they aren't around at the moment, but my message is important to them and they will be back to me as soon as possible ... yada, yada, yada.

The first time you see a response like that you may think, fine - here's someone with their life under control. After that, the ignorance of the content becomes annoying. If you aren't in the office then I'm not worried, if you read my message and think it is important enough to respond to then fine. I don't need to know that you aren't around (unless I'm planning on breaking into your office), and your auto-reply message is just something else for me to delete.

I imagine someone sending out an email to a large distribution list just before dashing out of their office and it generating some auto responses from some recipients which then create a series of loops by activating the auto response on the sender's email and so on. Let's get rid of them - they don't make anyone's life any better.

By the way, this isn't a criticism of auto-responders - carefully crafted, an auto responder can help a prospect turn into a buyer. Those auto responders carry messages with real content and an objective. It's the lifeless, content-free automatic replies I'm complaining about.


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keep it blazin!

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