23 June 2006

Which levers today?

Business Development is often a case of deciding which levers are available. It often depends on reach.

If the product or service already has high reach amongst potential buyers, then:
  • will the buyers accept price rises?
  • can they be encouraged to buy more often?
  • can they be encouraged to increase their average spend when they buy?
If the product or service doesn't have high reach, then:
  • what segments or geographies can be accessed at an acceptable cost?
  • what channels can be used to access the segments or geographies?
Mechanical engineering is about undoing bolts and then doing them up again in the right order. Business Development has more degrees of freedom and is always dynamic. Business Development Strategies would be simple if it weren't for buyer behaviour and competitive response. That is what make the problem so interesting - we are dealing with continually shifting environments and that is challenging.


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