23 June 2006

Now here is a clever tool

I've been using a keyword generator which does search engine queries to find out how popular specific keywords are and generating similar figures for related searches. Quite a clever tool.

Today I discovered NicheBot. NicheBot goes one step further. In addition to providing details of search frequency it also provides details of the number of pages delivered against the search and the number of competitors (the pages which carry the exact keywords in their text) as well as providing a ratio of competitors divided by searches. The ratio is a proxy for how well a particular set of keywords is matched against suppliers - the higher the ratio, the more competitors selling directly against one another. If the number is small, then maybe this is a search term which is undersupplied which you could quickly dominate - it may also be a search term which is rare which is why it is undersupplied, but that is an entirely different problem.

... and the price? Priceless, yes, Ladies and Gentlemen, NicheBot is free.


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