27 June 2006

Advertising the blog

I found a great advertising medium for the blog this morning - putting a comment on someone else's blog. Not just any old blog, mind you - one with a pretty wide readership. I do read other people's blogs and occasionally I post a comment, but it isn't habitual.

This morning I was reading a blog and I made a comment. I wasn't the first to comment on the blog - there were a number of others in moderation that I wasn't aware of. Fortunately, my post didn't cover any ground which had already been done to death by the first comments. Within 30 minutes of my post appearing on his blog, I had a raft of new visitors who had clicked through from the comment and 3 of them appear to have become subscribers. Most blogs I comment on don't have anywhere near that impact - most of them are very slow burn and I can find people clicking on comments that I made months ago. Clearly the difference between commenting on a relatively high profile blog and the blogs that I normally post on.


Anonymous Michael Gass said...

I had the same experience when I posted a comment on a well known professional service firm consultants, David Maister, www.davidmaister.com. I saw immediate results to my own blog and an improved ranking in search engines.

10:34 pm  

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