27 June 2006

Stats from NicheBot

I've been playing with my new toy - NicheBot - see this post. Since this blog is broadly about the themes of business development both on the web and face to face in the real world, I thought that I would share some stats from NicheBot with you for the keyword 'Business Development'.

Business Development 994.41
Small business development 130.55

NicheBot lists 10 keywords, but you get the general idea - each keyword is related to the phrase 'Business Development'. The number which follows the keyword phrase is the ratio between the number of sites which use exactly that phrase in their website (the competitors) and the number of times during the year that the keyword phrase was used in a search. The larger the number, the more competitors jostling for those search visitors. Business Development is a pretty competitive area to be. With 138 million pages defined by NicheBot as direct competitors for the phrase 'Business Development' we are in a shark pool rather than a goldfish bowl. Despite that, over 60% of our visitors arrive after making a business development related search.


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