04 July 2006

Refer anyone - moi?

Blake Schwendiman has posted an analysis of the impact of the Linkie Winkie social experiment on his traffic. It's had a pretty dramatic impact on my hits, too. Where our experience is different is that unlike his graphic, many of my hits from Linkie Winkie have read several pages. One visitor - obviously with too much time on his / her hands - spent over 31 minutes reading some of my posts. I would put it down to the fact that they were visiting from Canada except that another visitor yesterday spent over 45 minutes on the site and they were from just down the road.

I wonder if the SEOs who developed the site are trying to make a more serious point about how a site can catch traffic. What they have done of course is generate a lot of blog posts - many of which are content free. Doh, virtually all blog posts about any subject are content free. What it has done is to encourage me to take a look at some sites and forums which I didn't know about - thanks guys, a useful learning experience.

I'm still very tickled by the Tribble Ad Agency which began life at very much the same time as Linkie Winkie and I wonder if any of the posts there reflect the views of the team at searchguild and greyhatnews.


Anonymous Gurtie said...

lol - as an SEO who started her career in offline Marketing I can tell you that *my* views are very different from the Tribble Agency! I can't speak for Chris or the rest of the SearchGuild mods though so I wouldn't say we have an official policy :)

But Tribble is fun and I know a lot of people agree with the nasty furry little things so I content myself with just friendly arguing with Roger (The Founder - owner of the Tribbles and mod at SearchGuild) over the issue.

Glad LinkieWinkie is sending you traffic.

7:44 am  
Blogger John Diffenthal said...

I realise that as someone in the know, you can't tell me much. Perhaps you'll share some more when the experiment has matured.

7:58 am  
Anonymous John Andrews said...

The story goes deeper... TheFounder is also now an editor at ThreadWatch.org. Full court press?

7:57 pm  
Blogger John Diffenthal said...

I don't find it sinister - it doesn't sound very much different to being a mod at SearchGuild. Or am I wrong?

8:31 pm  

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