05 July 2006

Visitors, visitor stats

I mentioned here that Linkie Winkie was making an impact on my traffic - what is even more remarkable is how many of those visitors have stayed to read the blog. This blog, like many websites has large numbers of hits which don't stay long. I was reading some statistics cited here that web visitors make up their minds on whether to stay and read in far less than a second.

This blog has been running now for just over 4 months and, up until the week-end, the average read time of a visitor was 68 seconds. That's an understated figure because my counter isn't very sensitive for short duration visits. That has changed over the last few days as a result of referral traffic from Linkie Winkie. Average read time is now up to 150 seconds. The behaviour of recent visitors is strikingly different. Visits of 15 or 30 minutes are quite common and one visitor from Pennsylvania stayed over 75 minutes yesterday. I realise that the week-end and the US holiday probably had a part to play, but until now I had not observed anything different about week-end reading behaviour except that my subscriber stats drop off. It's obviously something about the people who are clicking through from the Linkie Winkie site.


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