04 July 2006

How to sell to the Ad Agency - there's a value proposition there, somewhere

If a SEO team wanted to take advantage of my free advice on developing its real life intermediary channels, how could it make a compelling case?

Here the Value Proposition is very clear:
  • bright and bushy tailed SEO team can do better work than the Agency's in-house team - it's all they do, they specialise, they learn from each other
  • an external team isn't constrained by internal politics when it offers advice on SEO
  • an in-house team will always be called to resolve in-house issues as well as client issues
  • better SEO applied to the Agency's client sites will deliver better rankings to those sites at lower cost
  • better rankings at lower cost means better service for the Agency's customers and higher levels of satisfaction
  • higher levels of customer satisfaction should feed out into the marketplace and make Business Development easier for the Agency - they can also use their relationship with bright and bushy tailed SEO team as a differentiator
... and the best news is that Ad Agencies are easy to find - the key limitation is that they would probably want an exclusive relationship. Depending on the size of bright and bushy tailed SEO team that might be a problem, but consultancies have been handling the conflict of interest issue for years, so it isn't insuperable.


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