06 July 2006


What does the figure 47 million have to do with Technorati?

The answer is the number of blogs monitored by Technorati and the number is continuously growing. But all bloggers are not the same. What separates all bloggers is authority which Technorati calculates on the basis of links.

Why are links so important? Is the Sun a better newspaper than the Times because it is read by more people? It seems to me that Technorati links are self-fulfilling. Blogs that have been around a while develop a readership and some of them are more popular than others, so they are assessed as having 'authority' and get listed higher in any search which takes authority into account. On average, any posts in these blogs on a particular subject are likely to get more eyeball time, precisely because they have more 'authority' - higher eyeball time probably means more links being generated in their favour. That circularity means that it is increasingly hard for a new blog to attract new readers. Having a strong voice simply isn't enough. There are plenty of blogs around with good quality posts which don't have a wide readership. It is also true that there are low ranking blogs which are pretty well content-free. There are techniques for improving the number of links, but they take time to deliver.

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