05 July 2006

The outputs of the experiment so far

I think I read somewhere (a post by Gurtie?) that the Linkie Winkie crawler made its own decisions about the sites and links it selected for inclusion on its site. Whatever, recently this blog has attracted an entirely new readership thanks to Linkie Winkie which has been kind enough to provide links to this blog - the outputs for me have been more traffic and a sharply increased visit time.

Tangentially, thanks to Tribble, it has exposed me to the SEO / Agency issue and I have enjoyed reading and taking part in that conversation both outside and inside this blog. Before this week I was unaware that Ad Agencies and SEOs were so visceral in their assessment of each other.

Linkie Winkie's action has been entirely altruistic, because according to a post by Gurtie on Tribble, only 2 people who have enjoyed the benefits of a link from Linkie Winkie have failed to provide a link in the other direction. I'm one of them.


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