11 July 2006

A Champagne moment

Phil has just had a call from someone who had seen the Mathieu Princet site. He wanted to know how quickly we could deliver and wanted to talk to a real live person. The best bit was, he liked the site a lot. Let's be clear, this is effectively an unbranded site selling a high quality product which has limited recognition in the UK. There would have been no point in making the site attractive to someone who wants to buy a famous Champagne at a discount. We have to make the association of value by proximity (the Mathieu Princet vines in Grauves are adjacent to Bollinger's) - we know that we now have to work on getting 3rd party testimonials (hoteliers and restauraters who buy it for their own cellars) in order to de-risk the purchase further.

With that in mind, we have written the site in the form of a long copy letter which sets out a story to people who know they want to buy a Premier Cru champagne, and would really like to buy something that is a little bit exclusive. The product we sell is certainly from a boutique producer - Michel, our grower, produces only about 80,000 bottles per year which is roughly 0.03% of total Champagne output.

We know what our ideal buyer looks like, and this morning's phone call to Phil sounds as if he was pretty close to our photo-fit. I hope that he becomes a satisfied buyer - we're in this for the long haul.


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