03 August 2006

An audience with the accountants

Dennis Howlett has given me an audience - I've had accountants from as far away as Barnsley dropping in to see my comments on the difficulties of reaching them and their brethren via the professional journal.

Guys, if you share enough common interests to read parts of this blog - some of you for a very long time (perhaps you were called away to do something important in the middle?) - why don't you read the journal? Scarily enough, the commentary on AccMan Pro suggested that people's behaviours (not reading the journal) were conditioned by opinions that they had formed some time ago. If I was the editor or - more pertinently - the Advertising Sales Manager, that message would give me a chill. How can you turn those behaviours round? Worse, how can you sell profitable advertising if there is a huge gap between subscriptions and readership?

Trainer tip: in this situation, find clients who don't measure the impact of their advertising campaigns by journal insertion. Now, how do you target companies who don't measure the impact of their ads? Well, I could tell you, since the secret isn't very secret and it doesn't take much more than a look through a range of print ads to very quickly come up with a series of ads which have been designed without a call to action and don't carry an analysis code. They are your targets. Find them Gentlemen, and then you simply have to stratify which of them might be attracted to spend their money in advertising in your journal. It won't be me, and I'm still looking for an effective route into the accounting community ... Has anyone got any tips for me?


Blogger Dennis Howlett said...

I'm a lot further away than Barnsley - I'm in the Andalucian firepit known as Jaen province in a pueblo called Alcuadete. Find that if you can ;)

11:35 am  
Blogger John Diffenthal said...


Artistic licence. I was using Barnsley as short-hand for very far away.

You aren't the only reader that I've got in the Iberian peninsula, but you are the only one who from there who is following the accountant access commentary.

11:51 am  

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