06 August 2006

Searching, still searching ...

I have posted before about the search terms people use which eventually lead them to the Red Splash site. One of our visitors yesterday came in on this search term:

advanced strategies to increase sales online free

Now it isn't clear to me - I'm a bear of diminishing brain power, as my profile makes clear - why anyone should make advanced strategies to increase sales online available free. The only possible reason might be that describing an advanced strategy is a long way from executing it and that the 'advanced strategy' still needs the paid for services of the publisher in order to ensure painfree and efficient execution.

There is no mystery to online business success. Provide products or services for a price that exceeds the total costs of sale and you have a business model (and that statement is as true for a publisher involved in click arbitrage as it is for a seller of manufactured products). How you convert visitors into Buyers though is proprietary. If every business model was the same then each online business would look the same. Strategies and their detailed execution require significantly more thought than an "advanced strategy" which is downloaded free.

There are plenty of people who set out the secrets of copywriting, but even if you manage to find a series of sources which don't contradict one another you will still be a long way from having effective copy for your site. Writing copy is hard work. The beauty of the internet is that you can test readers' responses to what you have written very quickly, but if they don't like it then you still have to go through the pain of writing some more. Even if they do like it, you can't give up - you have to keep on writing copy to test whether they like the new copy better until you are satisfied that you can't improve the performance of what you have created. All of that costs time and cash - having the free 'advanced strategy' will be little help.


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