11 August 2006

Feed readers and User agents

At the beginning of July I made a post about my Feedburner stats for the previous month - I think that there were 13 feed readers and user agents during that period and I made the comment that I was surprised by how rich the list was, unlike browsers and operating systems which look almost monocultural by comparison.

Here is the total list of agents that have visited the blog:
  • a Java-based feed reader
  • NewsGator Online
  • Thunderbird
  • Biz360 spider
  • Blogwise-Cache Builder
  • Firefox Live Bookmarks
  • Google Feedfetcher
  • Jakarta Commons Generic Client
  • Linkie Winkie Crawler
  • MJ12bot
  • NetNewsWire
  • SnapBot
  • URI::Fetch
  • msnbot-NewsBlogs
  • wwwster
that's without adding in the subscription feed, 4 kinds of browsers and 11 assorted bots. The Feedburner report is now 31 lines long excluding category headings. This looks like a great opportunity for consolidation.

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