01 September 2006

Getting the Buyer from A to B

I mentioned earlier that we were taking up a strong operational role with a business which is involved in the Knowledge Management area. Up to now, this client has tried to bring Buyers into either a Buying process for a seminar or a full implementation.

As a first step we have assumed that the majority of the visitors to the client's website won't even have a clear idea about what Knowledge Management is, so one of our first tasks is to provide a way of educating the audience without alienating them.

We have designed a multi-level offering which includes:
  • clearer navigation for audiences with different backgrounds
  • high level case studies for free download
  • White Papers for free download which set out the range of options in Knowledge Management
  • relatively low cost eBooks for download which provide a more detailed description of how the appropriate Knowledge Management approach for your organisation can be selected together with detailed case studies of companies which have implemented the solution and the benefits that they have obtained
  • low cost public seminars on Knowledge Management
  • a Knowledge Audit which will provide clear insights into organisational vulnerabilities with an assessment of how they can be mitigated or avoided
  • A Knowledge Management workshop which provides a department an opportunity to work on a specific knowledge module which will deliver a defined output
  • a more comprehensive implementation
This range of opportunities provides information and reassurance to the Buyer and allows the organisation to become familiar with what is required in adopting Knowledge Management principles. The way we have designed the process allows an organisation to enter at any point and since there are a range of financial commitments, there is genuinely something for everyone. We are very confident about this and only time will tell if we are right.


Anonymous Dennis Howlett said...

Duh? Don't know who the client is but all past attempts to make knowledge management a viable technology have pretty much stagnated under the weight of control mechanisms. That's one of the reasons blog/wiki is proving so popular among forward thinking companies. I can only go on what you're saying but rather than a top down traditional approach, what's wrong with bottom up, viral marketing? That's what's working today.

4:37 am  
Blogger John Diffenthal said...


There are a huge range of techniques available in Knowledge Management. The processes of identification, capture, structuring, sharing and creating knowledge range from people-people processes to people-software systems.

Our client is squarely at the people-software end of the spectrum and they have developed excellent value propositions for clients in a surprisingly wide range of industries.

4:25 pm  

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