09 September 2006

It's the season

This blog has been running for almost exactly 6 months. I took a look at the subscriber numbers this morning:
  • 30 day average subscriber numbers are 25% higher than the all time average
  • 7 day average subscriber numbers are the same as the 30 day average
  • Today's subscriber numbers are 20% higher than the 7 day average
Truthfully, subscriber numbers are erratic. When I post regularly, they tend to grow and when I miss a few days because I am away on holiday or because I am immersed in work, they tend to drop - often quite sharply. Since August is a holiday month and both I and the readers have been away on holiday, the 30 day performance has been flat.

The same has been true for the Red Splash newsletter. Although numbers have shown pretty steady growth, recently we have had a flurry of people signing up as subscribers.

It has to be the season. Now it's September, most people are back from holiday, and they are starting to think about the projects that they want to complete before Christmas. We can sometimes forget how important timing is in Sales and Marketing, but it is absolutely true that you could meet the same client twice in the space of a month and have two entirely different outcomes, based on their attitudes to their short-term business.


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