07 September 2006

The changing face of PR

I have been busy this week on a variety of tasks, one of which is the development of some content for our client with the budgeting, forecasting and performance management software. Writing content can be tedious for some people, but if I have a well-developed point of view, I find that I can write material relatively quickly.

The content I have been developing is a short series of issues based articles. These can be valuable if they are picked up by journalists, but there is a change in their value as the media channel picture continues to complicate. Tribble has posted extensively on the decline of paper based media and the failure of traditional Advertising and PR agencies to recognise this shift. The issue isn't that content is becoming less important, it is more that the increasing competition and fragmentation of the channels which require content means that the nature of the content may have to change to address the issues of small audiences.

In turn, content producers may need to produce more, not less material to deliver two quite different objectives:
  • material which is specific to audiences with different needs
  • reach across several audiences with different needs
All that puts pressure on traditional ways of doing things so we can genuinely watch new approaches developing month by month. Not quite a nascent sector, but one certainly undergoing an evolution.


Anonymous Dennis Howlett said...

I'd love to know more about what you're saying on the otpic of budgeting, forecasting and performance management.

4:33 am  
Blogger John Diffenthal said...


Nice of you to ask. The post was intended to be more about the changes in paper media and the traditional agencies' inability to adapt quickly. When I have got the complete set, I'll send you a copy for you to frame (in your wastebasket).

4:31 pm  

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