09 September 2006

The value of networking

We have just had some walk-in business. It is the kind of thing we do - setting up and managing a sales team for someone, but we might not have found out about the opportunity in the normal run of events. It's walk-in because the client got in touch with us and was so impressed with the recommendation that he got from a friend of his (one of our networking contacts) that he wants to know if we want to do the work, and when we can start.

There is no doubt that these kind of recommendations are highly valuable - almost as valuable as a recommendation from an existing client. Like those referrals, networking-based opportunities are difficult to control in terms of timing, but they can be a very useful addition to your normal business development activities.

It says too, that networking contacts have to be treated with care and it is important to keep your elevator pitch very short and memorable.


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