07 September 2006

Not just one familiar face

I'm not used to working with people that I know. Projects in my working life have tended to bring a host of new faces and my involvement in sectors has been relatively short-term. My definition of short-term is flexible - I had a major client in the electricity sector for about 4 years and I developed a relatively detailed understanding of some aspects of that sector during that period.

A current client has a partner who supports one of their channels. One of the directors of the partner business is a familiar face. We worked together some time ago on a good-sized project at PwC where the objective was to reduce the overhead costs of a monolithic client.

Today I found out that a competitor business to the partner I have just mentioned is sponsored by another familiar face, an angel that I came across a couple of years ago. At that time I was interested in raising finance for an entrepreneur with a novel piece of technology which had developed a following in digital media-intensive industries. The Angel was the non-Executive Chairman of the business and we had sufficient common views that he passed over a couple of Business Plans for me to review.

So a sector where I thought I knew no-one suddenly has two people who were already in my diary. It will be good to have a catch-up with them at some point to find out how we have found ourselves working in the same general area.


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