22 September 2006

Targeting for dummies

We were sitting with a client today, working together to think through the approaches we could adopt to increase the number of leads being generated for his product. There was some useful stuff which emerged.

During it all we started talking about AdWords. The goal of every salesman is effective targeting - we want to have live fish in the barrel, ready to shoot. We want to meet people who want to buy. Traditional targeting uses proxies like industry sector, company size, existing technology (if known) and current business environment to develop lists of targets which are more likely to contain potential buyers than a vanilla list assembled randomly.

AdWords allows us to generate a response from people carrying out a particular kind of search. We don't know their industry, their size or anything about them except that they have used a particular search string to look for an answer. Couple an effective ad which sifts out tyre kickers and leaves us with people that are more likely to be potential buyers and a landing page that engages them, and we have the beginning of a more active sales process which doesn't require a heavy investment in outbound telephone calls.

It's a tool that I am learning to like more and more.


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