11 October 2006

Planning for a conference

One of our clients is delivering a keynote address at a conference in a couple of weeks' time. This morning I'm going to try and help him structure something which fits the existing synopsis. Although the speech isn't for a couple of weeks, the organisers want a copy of the slides as soon as possible so that they can include a presentation CD in the delegate pack that they are preparing.

Speaking to a large audience can be daunting but our client knows his material so I'm pretty sure that he'll be fine. We may disagree about the number of slides he wants to use (I'll almost certainly want fewer) but the key issue is to agree the basic structure and assemble a slide pack for the organisers today. We then have a couple of weeks to refine what we have sent to the organisers. The final presentation may not be the same as the one in the delegate pack, but I'm doubtful that anyone is going to open those files. No problem.

We'll be running a presentation stand at the same event in order to increase our reach within the organisation. Chris started to put together some material for the stand, but when Phil and I (independently) put together quick dummies of how that text might look on the display boards we both thought that there was too much. This afternoon's task is to make sure that we have a stand that we are happy with so that we have enough time to get the printing and finishing done.


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