12 October 2006

One of the outstanding tasks

When I changed my laptop earlier this year, I complained about the length of time it took to make the new laptop look and feel like the old machine. One of the things that I didn't do at that point was to update Firefox properly.

Blogger users can modify Firefox with a GreaseMonkey script which adds a Tag line in the compose page and tags to the end of their posts. All that of course is probably superceded by the new Blogger Beta, but I'm still working on the old technology. I had installed GreaseMonkey but I hadn't got around to installing the Tag script, so today I rectified that and I can now add tags from my laptop in the same way as I do from my desktop.

Last but not least was adding del.icio.us buttons to the toolbar so I can access Del.icio.us or submit material to it straight from the page. Neither of these things took very long and they will both make my life a little easier. The question is why it has taken me so long to get around to doing them.



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