16 October 2006

It isn't just a clever theory then ...

We tell some of our clients how we would do things if we were them - we don't make it up, we don't have enough imagination to lie convincingly. I'm not always sure that they believe us. Based on the behaviour of some of our ex-clients, it's a supposition that has a fair degree of evidence to support it.

The point of the story is that we have approaches that we are confident will work. The approaches change from project to project- businesses and markets are different so it wouldn't be appropriate to try and treat all client problems as the same. Sometimes the three of us need to have a detailed discussion to agree a way forward but there is never a doubt when it comes to talking to the client - "if it was us, we would do it like this ...".

I've complained in the past about getting access to accountants (they don't read their journals so they aren't always easy to access). Phil came up with a plan for developing a dialogue with accountants and we have been following it. It works. The overnight success story hasn't exactly been overnight, but things are happening - people seem to want to talk to us. It relies heavily on well structured copy, developing a story over a series of mailshots, telling the story in different ways. We work hard at that copy - it has to be compelling, but it has to be truthful, too.

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