30 October 2006

The User Group

Our Knowledge Management client uses a toolset which is particularly powerful and helps knowledge architects to access and store 'tacit knowledge' (the bit that is normally tough to get at - the judgement and experience that experts may not even know consciously that they apply). Over time the toolset has been used by a number of first class names and today and tomorrow is their first opportunity for those companies to get together as a group of users and share their experiences.

Since this is the first User Group meeting, our client is sharing the set-up and organisation with the supplier of the toolset which means that Phil has been heavily involved. The Agenda now looks pretty good and with luck the participants will get enough out of it to want to organise one for themselves next time.

For us, there's a careful balance to be struck - we have been promoting the event and we now have 20% more people to attend than we initially planned. It's still a user group meeting though, and they have to own every aspect of the meeting. That means that we can't oversell either what our client is capable of or the tools that he uses - even when it's a tool that they use themselves. We're feeling our way a little and it will be interesting to see how it turns out.

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