27 October 2006

Sometimes things work out well

Yesterday evening I was able to show a target client a piece of information that delighted him so much that he said he wanted to use the graphic in a presentation of his own. That presentation went well, and I'm hopeful that we will be able to develop a relationship there over the next few months that develops into a something substantial for his business and which pays back for him. The best news was that we were able to show him that his existing pay per click campaign wasn't accessing the majority of the searches being made for some of his keywords. He took the news with a smile because it means that there is a great opportunity there for him to exploit.

Today I was on the phone. Phoning isn't everyone's idea of a way to spend the morning, particularly since so much of the dialogue could be written down before it is spoken. But my run of luck continued, I managed to speak to two of the people that I wanted to contact and they have both agreed to meetings which was the whole purpose of making the calls.

Business Development requires persistence and there is no way round it. Sometimes it just seems easier than others.

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